Samira Anderson, Asst Prof, Hearing & Speech Sci
Erica Glasper Andrews, Asst Prof, Psychology
Héctor Corrada Bravo, Asst Prof, Computer Sci
Olivia Carter-Pokras, Assoc Prof, Epidem & Biostat
Jie Chen, Asst Prof, Health Services Admin
Kelly Cook, Asst Prof, Plant Sci & Landscape
Carol Espy-Wilson, Professor, Electrical Engr
Xin He, Asst Prof, Epidem & Biostat
Shirley Micallef, Asst Prof, Plant Sci & Landscape
Stephen Mount, Assoc Prof, Cell Biology
Kasey M. Moyes, Asst Prof, Animal & Avian Sci
Colleen O’Neal, Asst Prof, Counseling, Higher Edu
Wendy Peer, Asst Prof, Envir Sci & Tech
Matthew Roesch, Assoc Prof, Psychology
Thurka Sangaramoorthy, Asst Prof, Anthropology
Katie Shilton, Asst Prof, Information Studies
Jonathan Simon, Assoc Prof, Biology / Electrical Engr
Katherine Stewart, Assoc Prof, Ops/Info Tech
Stephen Thomas, Professor, Health Services Admin
Jana VanderGoot, Asst Prof, Architecture
Monifa Vaughn-Cooke, Asst Prof, Mechanical Engr
Jade Wexler, Asst Prof, Higher Ed/Special Ed
Allan Wigfield, Professor, Human Development
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The University of Maryland ADVANCE program aims to lead AAU/Big 10 research universities in women’s representation, retention, satisfaction, professional growth, and positive work environment. We do this by creating strategic networks across disciplines, facilitating opportunities for learning and leadership, enhancing agency through knowledge and planning for career advancement, and by recognizing faculty contributions and accomplishments. We use data to increase awareness of equity issues and support local and campus-wide efforts to design better work environments. Please visit our "about page" for more information.


Congratulations 2015-2016 ADVANCE Seed Grant Recipients
Seed Grant Recipients (pdf) More»
Please see the brief on gender differences in faculty campus service.
Campus Service Inequality: A View from Annual Faculty Reports (pdf) More»
Advancing Faculty Diversity featured in the October issue of the Faculty Voice
UMD ADVANCE's learning community for faculty of color is profiled More»
Announcing a new listserv for moms and dads who work or study at UMD
A private listserv for moms and dads who work or study at UMD. More»



For UMD Professional Track Faculty:

ADVANCE and the Office of Faculty Affairs are pleased to announce a call for participants for the inaugural cohort of Advancing Professional Track Faculty, a year-long peer network designed to provide opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. More» (pdf)

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To receive announcements and updates on our programs via email, subscribe to the ADVANCE listserv! More»

For UMD tenured and tenure-track faculty:

On behalf of the ADVANCE team, we are pleased to provide you with a link to Phase I of the ADVANCE “Dashboard” project More»