Jonathan Auerbach, Prof, English
Brenda Jones Harden, Assoc Prof, Developmental Science Program
Christine Hartzell, Asst Prof, Aerospace Engineering
Brian D. Johnson, Assoc Prof, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Melissa Kenney, Research Assistant Prof, Environmental Decision Analysis and Indicators
Marina Leite, Asst. Prof, JOINT, IREAP
Kris Marsh, Assoc Prof, Sociology
Elizabeth Quinlan, Assoc Prof, Biology
William Rand, Research Asst Prof, Center for Complexity in Business
Rashawn Ray, Asst Prof, Sociology
Debra L. Shapiro, Asst Prof, Business
Sally S. Simpson, Director, Center of the Study of Ethics, Regulation & Crime
Katherine Tully, Asst Prof, Agricultural Ecology
David M. Waguespack, Assoc Prof, Business
Jing Zhang, Asst Prof, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
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The University of Maryland ADVANCE program aims to lead AAU/Big 10 research universities in women’s representation, retention, satisfaction, professional growth, and positive work environment. We do this by creating strategic networks across disciplines, facilitating opportunities for learning and leadership, enhancing agency through knowledge and planning for career advancement, and by recognizing faculty contributions and accomplishments. We use data to increase awareness of equity issues and support local and campus-wide efforts to design better work environments. Please visit our "about page" for more information.


Bergbreiter named director of Maryland Robotics Center
Microrobotics expert brings both research expertise and leadership accomplishments to position. More»
Congratulations 2015-2016 ADVANCE Seed Grant Recipients
Seed Grant Recipients (pdf) More»
Please see the brief on gender differences in faculty campus service.
Campus Service Inequality: A View from Annual Faculty Reports (pdf) More»
Advancing Faculty Diversity featured in the October issue of the Faculty Voice
UMD ADVANCE's learning community for faculty of color is profiled More»



Denice Denton Emerging Leaders Workshop 2016

Workshop for midcareer tenure-track faculty in engineering, computing, mathematical and physical sciences. For more information, please see

Maria Cameron in the news!

Congratulations to our colleague, Maria Cameron, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, on her NSF Career Award:

UMD ADVANCE and Maryland Time Use Laboratory Launch New Study of Big 10 University Faculty Time Use in 16 Disciplines

Time is a valuable resource in academic careers and increasingly, faculty report having less of it. Many stakeholders in higher education do not understand all of the varied work academics complete in a given work day--especially the service, administrative, mentoring and disciplinary aspects of our work. Lack of understanding of faculty work is common because of limited research. Work overload and dissatisfaction are major reasons faculty leave institutions. To better understand and explain faculty work, UMCP ADVANCE Director KerryAnn O'Meara is partnering with Liana C. Sayer, Sociologist and Director of the Maryland Time Use Laboratory to study faculty work using a method uncommon in faculty studies - time diaries.

Big 10 tenure track faculty from 16 disciplines will be sent an invitation to participate in a short pre-survey and then one day time diary on a Tuesday or Wednesday in February or March. This builds on a prior study by O'Meara and colleagues where 110 Big 10 faculty engaged in work time diaries for 4 weeks.

2016 Request for Applications: The Faculty Workload and Rewards Project

Does your department need proven ways to reduce workload? Plan workload so that a few faculty do not carry a higher load? Develop strategies to retain a diverse faculty? The Faculty Workload and Rewards Project is aimed at solving these problems through a collaborative, faculty-led model.

See here for more information.